KG not going to Boston

Breaking news this afternoon is that Kevin Garnett is against a trade to Boston.  He had his agent tell the T’Wolves and the public that if he’s traded to Boston he’ll opt out of his contract after this season.  That makes the Minnesota Boston trade unrealistic since the Celtics wouldn’t give up their future all-star Al Jefferson and the #5 pick to get KG for one year.

Garnett also said the team he’d most like to join is Pheonix.  That trade doesn’t make much sense for the wolves however,  It’s unlikely they’d want to help Pheonix.  Even with Shawn Marian, the most likely trade candidate, the Wolves would be all young players with one guy in the right around his peak.   That’s not a combination for winning right away or down the line. Plus, even if it did create a winning team in Minneapolis they’d have to face an even stronger Suns team in the playoffs.

So does this new development make the Bulls and even more likely landing spot for Garnett?  Maybe.  Now that the word is officially out that he wants a trade we can expect things to heat up.  It wasn’t a mystery before, but KG had never officially announced it.  Many write that he’d like Chicago because he went to high school here.  In reality he only lived here for one year so that argument doesn’t hold a lot of weight.  However, KG wants a chance at a championship and the Bulls have the assets to get there in a weak Eastern Conference.  KG in a Bulls uniform is a lot more likely than Kobe in red, but it’s still a stretch.  Look for Kevin McHale to deman too many of the Bulls assets for Paxon to bite and KG to either end up on the Knicks or the Wolves in ’07-08.


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