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Please trade the #9 pick!

The Bulls brought Spencer Hawes back yesterday in a limo for his “follow up interview”.  We here at NBullsA would like to take this opportunity to implore Bulls GM John Paxson to trade this pick rather than select Spencer Hawes (more on why passing on Hawes is a good idea below).  League sources insist that despite Paxson’s comments yesterday the #9 pick is available for the right veteran.  What Paxson needs to do is lower his opinion of who the right veteran is.  We don’t know what’s being offered to the Bulls but our advice is they should take it.  At #9 it doesn’t look like they’re going to be able to find anybody who can help them significantly in the next couple of years.  They need to trade it now for a veteran big man who can come off the bench. 

Bulls centers and power forwards who are under contract for the ’07-’08 season are . . . Ben Wallace, Tyrus Thomas, and Michael Sweetney.  Tyrus showed a lot of potential last year but under the current situation he’d have to start.  Then Sweetney would come in off the bench to spell both of them???  It’s very possible they Bulls will re-sign Noce but even if they do that leaves Sweetney filling in for Wallace at C.  So what’s the answer to this dilema?  Paxson knows.  He’ll draft 19 year old Spencer Hawes who according to all reports is a few years away.

Trade the pick.  Throw in Duhon if you have to.  Get back someone who can rebound and put up 8 points per game. 

Why is Hawes such a bad idea?  Well, he’s a 7-footer who couldn’t rebound in college.  As previously stated, it’s generally agreed that he’s a few years away from contributing on a regular basis.  The strongest evidence came in’s report from John Hollinger yesterday

Hollinger came up with a new system for rating the liklihood of college players success in the pros.  His system is really quite impressive.  It picked out several players who have turned out to be stars but were originally drafted very low and identified them based on their college stats as future stars.   Most notably it identified Carlos Boozer as the top prospect in the ’02 draft.  He was originally drafted in the second round.

It does have some mistakes.  It listed Sweetney as the second best college prospect in ’03, but no matter how you break down statistics you can’t predict whether or not somebody will gain weight. 

Anyway, Hollinger’s system lists Hawes as the 30th best prospect out of college players in the draft this year.  That outcome only serves to reinforce our opinion that he’s the wrong fit for the Bulls.

From Hollinger:

Acie Law and Spencer Hawes are best to be avoided.
Both are viewed as late-lottery picks, but they look like
solid second-rounders from here. Hawes has an unimpressive
rebound rate, which is a huge red flag considering he was
bigger than everyone he played against. And for all the
talk of his great post skills, he had a run-of-the-mill
55.0 true shooting percentage and didn't even have the best
PER on his mediocre team (that belonged to Jon Brockman).
A lot of folks think he can become a quality pro post
player; based on his numbers, I just don't see it.

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