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Why no Zach?!?

While John Paxson showed last night that he knows how to pick the right player in every year’s draft, moves made by other teams showed that he still is a bit clueless and/or gutless when it comes to working with other teams. 

There is no reason that Zach Randolph shouldn’t be on the Chicago Bulls roster right now.  The Blazers took ONLY Channing Frye and Steve Francis for Randolph plus change.  Furthermore, we believe they have no intention of keeping Francis around.  If they do he likely won’t play much.  Stevie Franchise still has some abilities but he doesn’t at all fit the young, unselfish team Portland is building.  He had to be in the trade to make salaries match up but that’s about all Portland probably wanted him for. 

The Bulls could have tried to sign-and-trade Nocioni.  They could have included the #9 pick.  They could have given up Chris Duhon or Tyrus Thomas.  Sweetney could have been involved for salary purposes.  They could have given back Viktor Khyrapa who was a starter when he was there.  Not that he’d still start but it shows they liked him.  Any combination of those moves easily trumps Channing Frye while not hurting the Bulls at given the addition Randolph’s scoring and rebounding.  Nocioni trades would have been confusing because they would have to have been based on trust because the free agent signing period hasn’t started yet, but would have been more appealing to Portland than Frye because they need a small forward much more than they need a C/PF.

The Bulls have a much brighter future than either the Knicks or the Celtics.  However, next year both teams will have valuable veterans that will be able to challenge the Bulls for control of the East (at least the Celtics will).  Boston will be too old in the next few years, but should have a good team this year.  The Knicks will have a lot of offensive power and that should be enough for a playoff run.  It will be interesting and possible funny to watch Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph try to play together.  They’re the same player except Randolph knows how to shoot and rebound.  Isaiah does it again!  That whole Starbury with Francis thing worked so well he figured he needed another set of identical players to try out. 

Paxson better have a plan for acquiring Jermaine O’Neal.

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