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Barring a trade Noce will be back with the Bulls for the next
5 years.

John Paxson said he’d definitely re-sign Andres Nocioni and . . . he did. We’re quite glad he did because there is nothing Noce does that makes fans dislike him. He plays harder than possibly anybody in the league. There is no doubt watching him that he cares more about winning than anything else. He’s never a distraction (at least never a negative distraction) to the team. Reporters say he has a great sense of humor. He turned down more money to stay with the Bulls. There are only good things to be said about him.   

Who could dislike this guy?  He even reads to little kids.

In depth coverage of Noce’s whole re-signing process can be found here. Check it out.

Memphis sent their new GM all the way to Argentina to recruit Nocioni and reportedly that visit went well. Rumors hit that fellow Spanish-speaker Pau Gasol even personally called him to encourage him to sign with Memphis (how seriously would you take a recruiting call encouraging you to sign with a team coming from someone who has spent the last 6 months trying to get traded from that team?). However, oddly after all the initial wooing by the Grizzlies apparently went well they didn’t make a formal offer to Noce right away.

He’s great at taking charges, which is, hopefully, what led
to this happening.

Noce had previously stated that his first choice was to stay with the Bulls and when his finest suitor didn’t give him an offer immediately it appears he followed his heart. At some point the Grizzlies made an offer that was within a million or two of the Bulls’ offer. This is where Noce earns his bonus points with Bulls fans. He could have signed the slightly higher Memphis offer knowing full well the Bulls would match. However, he acted in the exact same respectable fashion that Paxson did in this process. The day free agency started Pax contacted Noce’s people to follow up on his claims that he wanted Chapu in no other NBA jersey. This contact went against the usual Bulls protocal for restricted free agents which dictates that  the player should find his best offer from other teams before the Bulls make a move.  Then the Bulls choose to match or withdraw. NBA people view this method as, logically, letting the market set itself instead of setting it for other teams to act on. The important thing in this situation is that Paxson went against both business logic and common sense to show a sign of loyalty to a player that he believes was one of the two most important players in turning this franchise from a 23 win team into a 49 win team. Nocioni returned the respect Pax showed him by accepting the lower offer. Again, if Noce signed Memphis’ offer he would have known 100% that the Bulls would have matched. Therefore he would have been in the exact situation he’s in now but with a couple of more millions of dollars eventually in his bank account. Bulls fans have to commend him for returning the respect that was shown to him by the franchise and basically forfeiting upwards of two million dollars.  He’s shown that on top of his passion for the game he also respects the leadership, players and fans of the Chicago Bulls franchise. Who can possibly root against a guy like that?

We want to know if Chapu’s teammates know he’s a model
in his spare time.
Now Bulls fans just have to learn that when they chant his name at games it’s NO-SEE-O-NI, not NO-CHEE-O-NI.

This was found here.

Noce’s trademark intensity is always on display, both with
the Bulls and with Team Argentina.

Nocioni auditioning to be the new Jumpman logo?

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