Everybody is talking about how the NBA’s credibility has taken such a huge hit because of this Donaghy scandal.  All I have to say is, what credibility?

Look, you’re not going to find a bigger NBA fan around.  I don’t even like college basketball beyond watching it for NBA prospects.  But who in the world was watching the NBA on a regular basis and thinking,

“These referees really are doing a good job.  I have faith that the team that best combined effort and ability on a given night won every night I watched.  I don’t remember watching a game where the refs influenced which team won by doing more or less than officiating the game exactly as it was played.”

Honestly, I can’t remember watching a game where I didn’t feel the referees intentionally ignored a foul that happened or called a phantom foul on purpose at least once.  People who love watching the NBA watch it in spite of the officiating, not because they have faith in the refs.  Basketball is the most entertaining sport in the world to watch and the NBA has the best basketball players and many of the best athletes in the world.  That’s why I’ve watched the NBA my entire life.  That’s why I’ll watch on opening night of the ’07-’08 season and for the foreseeable future.  Will I begin to have faith in the referees?  Something drastic would have to change (something I can’t even imagine happening) for me to believe they’re calling the game like they see it.  Will I trust them any less after this Donaghy scandal?  No.  I never trusted them to begin with so why would I trust them any less now?

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