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Nick Collison to lead Team USA

Maybe I was wrong about Nick Collison.

Kirk Hinrich’s buddy actually tore the rim off of the backboard in a recent Team USA practice!  Maybe he is a more dominant post presence than I thought?!?  Or maybe he was just playing in a high school gym with sketchy equipment.  I think I’m going to lean towards the latter.

The whole ordeal did provide a fun picture of Collison, clearly enjoying his feat more than he should be. 

Team USA is finally going to play some real games this week.  It will be the first chance we’ve had to watch real basketball since the Finals, though some would argue the last real basketball took place one round earlier.  USA vs. Venezuela Wednesday night!

I’m less than excited after reading that the senior team lost to that team of “young players” the USA basketball program put together to challenge them.  (side rant:  I don’t understand why they are referred to as a group of young players over and over again when many are older than some of the senior team players)  The Select Team, as they’re calling them, has some very nice players.  Nevertheless, the senior team should demolish them.  In my opinion it just goes to show that no matter what these superstars are saying, when you put together a bunch of guys who are used to having the ball 80% of the time they’re going to have trouble meshing on the court no matter how much they talk about being unselfish.  Even if they aren’t selfish with the ball, they still learned how to play as the focal point of their team.  Maybe actual role players would do better jobs playing roles than superstars.

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