Posey – add a little get a lot

James Posey is exactly the type of player that I didn’t think the Celtics would be able to acquire this summer.  I didn’t think Boston would spend enough money to get such a quality player, or on any one player for that matter.  I also didn’t think Posey would have to take as little money as he reportedly is getting.

Posey will help that team immensely.  He brings defense and attitude.  He’s somewhat like the enforcer on a hockey team.  If you mess with his star player he’ll come back at you, even if it costs him a suspension.  With three aging and ever more brittle stars the Celtics will benefit from Posey’s presence and reputation.  He’s a dirty player, which makes opposing fans (like me) hate him, but he does the dirty work so that the faces of the franchise don’t have to.

Though Posey wouldn’t be a centerpiece of any NBA team, he makes me believe Boston will do much better this season than I originally thought.  He immediately becomes the fourth best player on the roster and is the definition of a role player.  He’ll actually help the team whereas, I believe, Scott Pollard and Eddie House will just take up roster spots. 

He’s touted as a defensive specialist and while he’s a good defensive player I’d say “specialist” is a bit extreme.  To bring this conversation back to a Bulls perspective let’s remember what Luol Deng did in the playoffs against the Heat while being guarded primarily by Posey:

26.3 ppg
9.0   rpg
3.0   apg
1.2   spg

Deng’s performance was more of a sign of how good he’s becoming than it is an indicator of the quality of Posey’s defense, but it also shows us Posey is not necessarily a “stopper”.  Nevertheless, the Celtics just moved up a couple of spots in my preseason power rankings.

I have to emphasize for all the Bulls fans out there that I HATE James Posey as a player.  What I’m trying to get across in this post is that he’s a much more valuable player than I thought Boston would pick up and that, with what they already have, he’ll do a lot for that team.  With multiple offensive stars already there he can do the same things he did for the Heat and that role seemed to work out pretty well for him.

By the way, what’s going on with the Heat this summer?  Posey, Jones and Kapono all gone and they countered that by adding Smush Parker?  I’m sure they have luxury tax issues but why even field a team or bother to pay Shaq and D.Wade if you’re not going to be competitive?

3 Responses to “Posey – add a little get a lot”

  1. 1 firedannyainge
    August 28, 2007 at 8:53 pm

    As weird as it is no one wanted Posey. I heard a rumor that he was trouble last year in Miami and one of the people that Zo was talking about when fixing attitudes if he re-signed. Which is probably why Miami wouldn’t go over the cap for a lousey 3 million.

    Posey is a nice player but remember his bench mates in Miami. He deserves credit for what he did but he didn’t do it without a lot of other people.

    Kapono is over rated. The Heat won a title without him (he rarely played at all) and lost in the first round with him.

    All Miami needs is a healthy Shaq and Wade and the guys they have will be the best team in the East. If they were ever healthy as a team they would own the East.


  2. 2 312chill
    August 29, 2007 at 9:16 am

    You comments on Posey are valid. I was just really shocked that the Celtics added an actual quality player to the guys they already had. I did not expect that to happen.

    I use Kapono as an example a lot but I agree that he’s not all that great. Very one dimensional.

    Miami won without Kapono, but with Shaq two years younger. I think this year we’ll either see very little of Shaq until the playoffs or we’ll see a much, much less efficient Shaq. I don’t think Wade can carry the team alone and nobody else on their roster is getting any better. Maybe Dorell Wright will, but that’s a long shot in my opinion.

    I also neglected to mention in my post that the Heat have also added Penny Hardaway. Not sure how much he’ll add, but it was an accident on my part to leave him out.

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