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This is getting ridiculous.

I run three blogs and have grown to love blogging. I take it as seriously as my free time and availability allow and I am often offended by the ill will many newspaper reporters hold towards bloggers. Nevertheless, everyone needs to realize that although blogs are a wonderful tool, any pissy guy can start one in about 4 and a half minutes. The amount of coverage that http://www.firemyteam’ blogs are getting from non-bloggers is unbelievable. Just because one fan makes such a blog does not make it a news story. I support and love the interactions between blogs and bloggers. The problem is that there are countless high quality blogs out there that are much more deserving of the mainstream media’s attention than these firethecoach blogs.  Instead of focusing on the highest quality or even most visited sports blogs, the big media outlets focus on these sensational blogs while separately condemning blogging as a practice.  I know that many newspapers and media powers have blogs of their own.

I’m this close registering just so I can rake in the cash from the ads I’ll be able to sell once ESPN and The New York Times cover it and drive up my traffic. I’m not questioning the motivation or passion behind the bloggers who have started these other sites, just the filtering system that other types of media outlets are using. If everyone else is getting some, why shouldn’t I?

NOTE: I have no intention of actually starting If that site does come into existance, it will not be run by me. That said, I’m linking it here so we can all easily check back to see if anybody comes up with and carries through with the idea.


Bulls 97 – Hornets 108 – Unfortunately, winning without a star in the NBA is not a realistic possibility

The Bulls blew this game and there was no excuse.  HOWEVER, the refs helped them out.  Hornets were getting no calls on all sorts of fouls the entire game, especially new NBA golden boy Chris Paul.  I point this out not in an effort to complain about unfairness, I’ve long since given up on the NBA ever attaining fair, quality officiating.  Instead I think the behavior of last night’s crew of referees (Bennett Salvatore,  Leon Wood, and Mark Ayotte, for reference) proves yet again that this is a league in which you must have a superstar player to have a successful team.  The Bulls do not have such a player.

While most NBA fans have known about this requirement for a long time, I’ve stubbornly resisted the theory.  My resistance was a result of enjoying watching team basketball more than watching one amazing athlete charge to the hoop while four other guys on his team stand around.  Think the Cavs or the Heat.  I don’t want to sound like Larry Hughes, but that’s not what basketball is about.  I can appreciate watching a transcendent talent as much as the next person, but that type of talent should sustain a team through offensive droughts as opposed to dominating the ball all game.  Think Jordan during his early years in the league vs. his championship-winning years.  Despite what David Stern says, I believe through and through that the NBA unofficially wholeheartedly disagrees with me.

The NBA wants superstars it can use to sell the game, which makes sense from a business perspective.  I believe that somehow the referees know it is in their best interest to help these superstars emerge and stay as visible and successful as possible each game.  Do I think the NBA takes the refs aside to explicitly list its favorite players and give marching orders?  No.  But David Stern and his people have some influence here and I will never believe otherwise.  In order to win throughout the regular season and even more so in a seven game playoff series a team has to have a star player to get the preferential treatment from the officials.  Once the star stars getting the love from the refs it spreads to the rest of the team.  This requirement existed just as much during the Jordan years as it does today, but in my opinion it’s hurting the game.


Game observations

Chris Paul, for all my whining, is amazing.  His ball handling abilities are ridiculous.  His court vision appeared supernatural as he shredded the Bulls weak defense with no-look laser passes and alley-oops.  But for all of his freakish abilities he seemed to have just as many character flaws last night.  Despite getting as much star treatment from the refs last night as I’ve seen any player this season get, he still complained about supposed missed calls so much you’d think he was on the Pistons.  It really was tiring.  Also, one of the qualities that makes him so good but that also makes him hard to root for is that he is a cheap shot artist and acting artist.  He got away with murder all night not only because he’s a star, but also because he’s outstanding at sneaking in reaches, holds and slaps and flops at just the right moments.

I like Jim Boylan and wish him success in the future, but he’s in over his head right now.  His attempt at a rotation last night was laughable.  When you have one of the best guards in the league tearing up your defense, why don’t either of your best perimeter defenders (Hinrich and Sefolosha) play even 17 minutes?  Larry Hughes is a good player who can do certain things well, but the Bulls need a coach who is not afraid to bench him when he’s hurting the team.  Last night he was hurting the team for almost the entire game yet Boylan rarely sat him, instead rewarding his poor shot selection and lackadaisical defensive effort with minutes.  It’s not as if there was no quality alternative.  The Bulls are stocked with guards!?!  Being the highest paid player on the team should not necessarily guarantee you minutes every night.  For some reason the Bulls have a big problem understanding that.
I continue to wonder what this team can do in the offseason.  If they get rid of Ben Gordon who carries them through games like last night?  Nobody else currently on the roster can score like that as consistently (note that I wrote as consistently instead of consistently).  Sefolosha and Hinrich probably have some value around the league right now, but who plays man-to-man (not passing lane) defense and who in the world distributes the ball if those two are gone.  Obviously Deng isn’t going anywhere because Paxson would rather shoot himself.  They likely will package Tyrus with somebody so he can go to another team and average 12 and 13 like Tyson Chandler.

If I’m in charge I would amazingly keep most of what’s currently here together.  The other options don’t look to be that great and I think with a leadership change there’s enough talent here to be good.  They don’t have that star player is wrote is so necessary, but they don’t have a way of getting him any time soon.  In my opinion they need to do whatever possible to get rid of Hughes, whether it’s a buyout or another bad contract attached to a more acceptable attitude on the court, his presence will hurt the team. Unfortunately I think unloading him will be next to impossible and will not happen.


With Wallace gone, the Bulls are finally starting the best available center

Bulls 107 – Cavs 96

A game like last night’s is a great reason for the first official post at the new address.

If you’ve looked at this site often over the course of this season you know that I was adamant about getting Ben Wallace off the floor. I didn’t think anybody would take him in a trade, but I was wrong. No matter how it was done, I’m just glad he’s no longer taking up minutes that should be going to Bulls players who actually care to try hard. Like say, Joakim Noah . . .

noah vs. wallace

Just like Joakim Noah in this picture,
the Bulls came out on top by making him
the replacement for Ben Wallace as their
starting center

This isn’t the first time I’ve compared their stats from a game, but it’s the first time I’ve happily been able to do so when Ben’s numbers were for another team.

Ben Wallace in 27:32:
1-4 from the field
10 boards
2 pts
1 asst

Joakim Noah in 32:24:
5-9 from the field
20 boards
13 pts
1 asst

So in similar minutes Noah basically doubled Wallace’s production, and that was a great game for Big Ben this year. If Wallace was still on the Bulls he would have played 33 minutes last night while Noah played 17. Thank goodness he’s gone.

Another interesting stat comparison for the two last night was +/-. For anybody who doesn’t know, +/- is a statistic made popular in hockey that many people are now using when looking at the NBA. It measures the score differential of the player’s team while he was on the floor. I’m not sure how useful it is with basketball (for example LeBron James’ +/- last night was -21), but it’s interesting to note that Ben Wallace had a -12 in that game while Noah had a +17. To me that disparity exemplifies the difference in their games at this point in their careers even if the stat is somewhat empty. Noah is going to work his ass off in order to help the team. Wallace is going to try and rely on his skills and experience and no longer bring that high level of effort he used to. I’m not sure why he’s more apathetic these days (I have my theories though), but I’m glad he’s being apathetic now for a different team.

As a rookie, Noah is going to be inconsistent. Nevertheless, he’s a much better option for the Bulls moving forward than Wallace was. He actually has center height whereas Wallace never did. I believe in his prime Noah will be very similar to Wallace in his prime. In an ESPN chat last summer I got a question answered by David Thorpe regarding Joakim Noah. I asked if he thought Noah could develop into a solid starter and replacement for Wallace or if he was destined to be an energy guy off the bench. Thorpe said he thought Noah could be a starting center on a championship team someday. I couldn’t agree more.


New Domain Name

I have updated my domain name in order to make things less confusing. I figured would make more sense for NBullsA Basketball than did. The old site still exists and contains all of my old posts. You can visit it here in order to see the older content.

I’m still working on getting all of the features (and more) on this site that I had on the old one, so please be patient.

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