This is getting ridiculous.

I run three blogs and have grown to love blogging. I take it as seriously as my free time and availability allow and I am often offended by the ill will many newspaper reporters hold towards bloggers. Nevertheless, everyone needs to realize that although blogs are a wonderful tool, any pissy guy can start one in about 4 and a half minutes. The amount of coverage that http://www.firemyteam’scoach.com blogs are getting from non-bloggers is unbelievable. Just because one fan makes such a blog does not make it a news story. I support and love the interactions between blogs and bloggers. The problem is that there are countless high quality blogs out there that are much more deserving of the mainstream media’s attention than these firethecoach blogs.  Instead of focusing on the highest quality or even most visited sports blogs, the big media outlets focus on these sensational blogs while separately condemning blogging as a practice.  I know that many newspapers and media powers have blogs of their own.

I’m this close registering http://www.firejimboylan.com just so I can rake in the cash from the ads I’ll be able to sell once ESPN and The New York Times cover it and drive up my traffic. I’m not questioning the motivation or passion behind the bloggers who have started these other sites, just the filtering system that other types of media outlets are using. If everyone else is getting some, why shouldn’t I?

NOTE: I have no intention of actually starting http://www.firejimboylan.com. If that site does come into existance, it will not be run by me. That said, I’m linking it here so we can all easily check back to see if anybody comes up with and carries through with the idea.


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  1. 1 312chill
    July 24, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    I’m commenting on my own post. Since I wrote this I’ve grown very tired of reading blog posts about the act of blogging. A bit too self-congratulatory for me. I’ll try not to do that anymore. Sorry.

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