Gordon accepts one-year qualifying offer

Ben Gordon, up against a deadline, reportedly signed the one-year qualifying offer of $6.4 million late last night.

This is better than an extended hold out and worse than just about anything else.

Gordon is now in position to leave the Bulls at the end of the season with nothing to show for the former #3 overall pick. Sigh.

Here’s how I imagine this season going:

Ben is a true professional. A short professional by NBA standards, but a professional nonetheless. Therefore, he will show up and work hard. Accept the 6th man role he will be given yet again. Only this year the Bulls have two too many guards in the back court and a rookie coach. All of the guards’ minutes will vary greatly and many different rotations will be tried over the course of the season.

None of the guards will be very happy with this situation because, as I’ve written before, NBA players seem to want minutes and a set role more than anything else (besides money). However, Ben Gordon will have reason to be even more upset than the others. He is going to have to depend on a big year in order to get big money as an unrestricted free agent this summer. The overflow of guards on the Bulls roster is going to make having that big year extremely hard for him. At some point in the season we’re going to hear some grumbling from Ben. It won’t be too bad because, as I’ve said, he’s a pro. But we’ll hear some. His situation will be too desperate to unfold otherwise.

The biggest problem, in my opinion, with the above scenario is that it will cause Gordon to resent the Bulls more than he probably already does. This resentment would mean that when he’s shopping around for contracts this summer, if the Bulls and another team offer him similar money, you have to assume he’s going with the other team. Not only would that decision cost the Bulls their best scorer, it would also leave them with nothing to show for a high draft pick who also turned out to be a very talented guy.

That’s not how you want to run a championship NBA team.

2 Responses to “Gordon accepts one-year qualifying offer”

  1. October 2, 2008 at 10:34 am

    Ben Gordon should have been traded away two years ago anyways. We have too many guards then and now with Rose we have many too many.

    But who really cares…… the sox start the playoffs today, the Bears are playing okay and the Cubs are losing!!

  2. 2 312chill
    October 2, 2008 at 10:39 am

    You are indeed foolish my friend. Whether you like Ben Gordon or not, the point is the Bulls are at serious risk of losing a valuable player for nothing. If they want to be a great team, they have to regularly get something in return for players they lose. Especially players who can score like Ben Gordon.

    It’s fair to say he should have been traded two years ago, though even that seems foolish. If anything he should have been traded 1 year ago, after his best statistical season but before other teams knew he’d be demanding $12+ a year.

    Unfortunately, now he cannot be traded without his consent and it would be crazy for him to consent to any trade and give up his Bird rights when so many teams are near the luxury tax.

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