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Warriors continue to overpay

I hate to make this seem like a Warriors blog, but there continues to be no noteworthy news about the Bulls.

The Golden State Warriors have offered a (ridiculous in my opinion) six-year contract worth $63 million center Andris Bierdrins. That’s an average of $10.5 per year for a player who averaged 10.5 ppg, 9.8 rgp and 1.2 bpg. Those are solid numbers, but not 10.5 million per numbers. He’s still very young at 22 so we can assume the Warriors expect him to keep getting better, but still.

Golden State didn’t have a choice with Monta. After losing Baron Davis they needed a face of the franchise and scoring sells tickets even if it doesn’t always help the team. However, they didn’t have to do the same thing for Biedrins. A team that gets lucky could get a player capable of averaging 10 and 10 for the mid-level exception on a good year. $10.5 million? There’s a few restricted free agents who are giving their teams a little nudge, most notably Emeka Okafor. Anybody know what his numbers were last season? 13.8 ppg, 10.7 rpg and 1.7 bpg. Charlotte has been offering him only a $10 million average.

Does this all mean the Bulls will have to pay Tyrus and Noah $10 million + too? I guess if they can average 10 and 10 that will be a good conversation to have, not a bad one.


Still no new developments . . .

News out of the Chicago Bulls camp remains unsettlingly slow. No contract developments for Deng or Gordon. No trade or sign-and-trade rumors involving the Bulls. More seemingly overconfident silence from John Paxson and company.

I think that drafting a 19-year-old wiz kid does mean the Bulls should build around their youngest players (Deng, Thomas, Noah) however, it doesn’t mean they can let Gordon or Deng for that matter leave for nothing in a year. It’s time to get something done, especially with Deng’s recent threats about cutting off negotiations when the Olympics start. If you have to trade them, you have to trade them. Just get something done.
Monta Ellis just signed a deal that will pay him an average of $11.17 million over the next six years. Is it just me, or is Ellis just like Ben Gordon without three point range? I understand that re-signing him was vital for the Warriors after they lost Baron Davis, but $11 million +? I think they’ll be regretting that move in a couple of years. He’s an undersized, one-dimensional scorer. The Bulls offered Gordon $10 million a year last summer and I thought that was fair. I think they should offer a similar deal now or else trade him. That would still be overpaying, but at least he can score inside and out. Who is Monta Ellis and his 23% 3-pt shot helping when someone gets double teamed?

Ian Thomsen is making some very early NBA predictions and he has the Bulls finishing 12th in the East, ahead of only Miami, Charlotte and New Jersey. That’s behind the Knicks, Pacers and Bucks amongst others. Maybe one of those three will finish ahead of the Bulls, but not all of them. As of now I’m predicting a borderline playoff finish this season, but certainly not 12th place.

Does anybody else think Miami and New Jersey might be better than the Pacers and Knicks? There’s a chance Ricahard Jefferson and Scott Skiles transform the Bucks, but who exactly is helping Indiana and New York get in the playoff conversation this coming season? TJ Ford is a quality point guard but he has nobody to pass to except Danny Granger. I like Chris Duhon a lot, but the Knicks still have every problem they had last season except Isiah Thomas.

Derrick Rose apparently signed a shoe contract with Adidas. I like it. I like Nike too, but they have plenty of high-profile endorsers. Now I’ll be able to add a pair of Rose’s next to my T-Mac’s.


I’m back to try this again

I’ve been busy and I’ve been away but I’m ready to commit myself anew to this wonderful world of blogging.
My goal now that I’m back will be to write frequent but brief entries. Don’t worry, I’ll still sprinkle some 2,000 word rants in there.
Hopefully there will be no more 4-month layoffs.


Who should your team draft?

In that we’re currently petrified of drafting Spencer Hawes right now we here at NBullsA are going to explain who the Bulls should pick out of the players who realistically could still be there.  Then, we want you to weigh in on who your team, be it the Bulls or another, should pick and why.

With the ninth pick of the 2007 NBA draft the Chicago Bulls should select Joakim Noah . . .

We’re not the biggest Noah fans around here, but based on players that look likely or at least possible to be available he’s the best fit.  Noah is a hard worker who seems to genuinely care about the game of basketball.  He’s not going to be anything close to the low post presence the Bulls need, but as we’ve said before, nobody is at #9.  Chicago absolutely must add another big man to the team and rotation this coming season whether it’s through the draft, free agency or a trade.  PJ Brown will not be a starter anymore (or at least not play more than 15 minutes a game max) if he does re-sign.  Therefore, the Bulls will start Ben Wallace and maybe Tyrus, maybe Nocioni if he re-ups.  They’ll need bench support.  While Noah will never ever be a leading scorer, he’s perfect for energy, defense and rebounding off the bench.  Down the line if Tyrus Thomas’ offense improves enough to have them both on the floor at the same time Noah could take over Ben Wallace starting job. 

 . . .

Joakim will fit in well with the Bulls.  His work ethic and passion for the game will quickly endear him to Paxson and Skiles.  Billy Donovan seemed like a tough coach (in our limited experience watching him) so Noah may be better prepared for a coach like Skiles than some other prospects would be.  Noah’s decreased scoring this past season in comparison to the season before seems to be more of a sign that he’s a willing role player than they are that he regressed in terms of his skill.  As the other now well-publicized Florida stars continued to emerge Noah was willing to do the dirty work.  Again, that makes him a perfect 6th or perhaps 7th man due to his current lack of offense. 

Finally it is entirely realistic that Joakim could be available to the Bulls at #9.  We’re not going to try and compete with all the mock drafts out there, but we’ll quickly outline some believable 1-8 draft picks that could land Noah in the Bulls laps.  Any Wright listed below is Brandan Wright and any Green is Jeff Green.

#1 – Oden          #1 – Oden         #1 – Oden
#2 – Durant       #2 – Durant     #2 – Durant
#3 – Horford      #3 – Yi             #3 – Conley
#4 – Conley        #4 – Brewer    #4 – Horford
#5 – Brewer       #5 – Green      #5 – Yi
#6 – Yi                #6 – Conley      #6 – Green
#7 – Hawes        #7 – Wright      #7 – Brewer
#8 – Wright       #8 – Hawes       #8 – Thornton
#9 – Noah          #9 – Noah         #9 – Noah

Those are three completely plausible scenarios in which Noah is available to the Bulls at #9.  Of course any team above there could grab him, but this shows that him being available at #9 is very possible.


KG not going to Boston

Breaking news this afternoon is that Kevin Garnett is against a trade to Boston.  He had his agent tell the T’Wolves and the public that if he’s traded to Boston he’ll opt out of his contract after this season.  That makes the Minnesota Boston trade unrealistic since the Celtics wouldn’t give up their future all-star Al Jefferson and the #5 pick to get KG for one year.

Garnett also said the team he’d most like to join is Pheonix.  That trade doesn’t make much sense for the wolves however,  It’s unlikely they’d want to help Pheonix.  Even with Shawn Marian, the most likely trade candidate, the Wolves would be all young players with one guy in the right around his peak.   That’s not a combination for winning right away or down the line. Plus, even if it did create a winning team in Minneapolis they’d have to face an even stronger Suns team in the playoffs.

So does this new development make the Bulls and even more likely landing spot for Garnett?  Maybe.  Now that the word is officially out that he wants a trade we can expect things to heat up.  It wasn’t a mystery before, but KG had never officially announced it.  Many write that he’d like Chicago because he went to high school here.  In reality he only lived here for one year so that argument doesn’t hold a lot of weight.  However, KG wants a chance at a championship and the Bulls have the assets to get there in a weak Eastern Conference.  KG in a Bulls uniform is a lot more likely than Kobe in red, but it’s still a stretch.  Look for Kevin McHale to deman too many of the Bulls assets for Paxon to bite and KG to either end up on the Knicks or the Wolves in ’07-08.


Another Possibility

Glen “Big Baby” Davis
Height: 6’9″   Age: 21

Big Baby’s physical and test results were recently made public and they have him rising in mock drafts.  His body fat percentage is far lower than most predicted.  There was doubt that he actually is 6’9″ as he’s listed, but it turns out he’s a legitimate 6’9″ in shoes.  He has also worked out with the Bulls, but the press focused more on Noah at that workout.  Davis is a very talented low post offensive player and could help the Bulls right away.  The big question marks with him are whether or not he’ll stay in shape and if his game is well-rounded enough.  The Bulls have just gone through 2 seasons of trying to keep Michael Sweetney in shape and may not want to repeat that experience.  It could be interesting to reunite Davis with former teammate Tryus Thomas, but that reunion could cause trouble as well.  Right now it looks like the Bulls will consider Davis along with Smith if they trade down.  However, Davis may rise too high in the next week for the Bulls to get him if they trade down. 

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