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Lewis, Milicic and the Bulls free agent options

Rashard is happy to be leaving with Ray Allen out
of the mix. Allen said he didn’t think Lewis would
want to be “a big brother to all those young guys.”

So Rashard Lewis is heading to Orlando, which likely means Darko is out. If the Magic are smart they’ll convince Seattle to sign and trade those two plus a little something extra for the Sonics. Seattle needs a center and Darko is still only 22. He’d fit their youth movement and still has a lot of the notorious “upside” left. Lewis should make the Magic an interesting team. They still need a point guard because we believe Jameer Nelson would be best coming off the bench. But Lewis is a slasher who also has a very nice outside shot. Pairing him with superstar in the making Dwight Howard should make the Magic much better this season and could be something in two or three years when Howard really blossoms.

Darko shouldn’t have wasted his time fixing the bobble
heads’ hair. He went back to brown soon enough. Will
he now be finding a new home?

All eyes should be on Jameer coming off the bench. Now that the Magic have upgraded at SF they should also do so at PG.

Matching this guy up with a versatile perimiter
player with a sweet shot should pay good

So if Milicic is out with the Magic does that make him a candidate for the Bulls? We’re thinking no. He could provide some help in exactly the area the Bulls need it. However, Paxson just drafted Noah even though he wasn’t an ideal fit for the Bulls most glaring need because he was a Paxson/Skiles type player. He’s a hard worker, nobody ever questions his drive, he won a lot in college. Milicic is exactly the opposite type of player. He didn’t go to college and has a wrap as an indifferent worker who doesn’t always care. He’s the type of player that Paxson and Skiles would pick up in a trade and sit until they worked a contract buy out or could trade for a second round pick (see Tim Thomas and J.R. Smith). We’re not saying we approve of this attitude, just that it’s clearly how Pax/Skiles would react if Darko’s name came up in a conversation.

Noah sure was happy to get drafted. And he sure is
happy to hold his first Bulls jersey. He even asked
Paxson if he could keep it. Now we just have to see
if the Bulls keep him.

If the Bulls could pick up Milicic for their mid-level exception plus their bi-annual veterans exception they should. He may not be exactly what they’re looking for, but they’re bringing in Chris Mihm for talks! Chris Mihm, the guy who didn’t play at all last year and has never shown anything exciting or enviable. The Chris Mihm who made Bulls fans grateful that he was traded for Jamal Crawford back on draft day in 2000. The other person the Bulls are now after is Joe Smith. We’ll take him over Mihm, but word is the Sixers aren’t going to let him go.

The Bulls thankfully traded the above guy for
the bellow guy back in 2000. Now they’re
Thinking about bringing Mihm back for some
reason. Can we have Crawford again instead?

Former #1 pick Joe Smith could help the Bulls as long as he doesn’t cost
them any penalty first round draft picks like he did the Wolves some
years back.

Other Bulls news of the day is that Paxson is vowing to keep Nocioni a Bull. That’s great and all. Nobody would like to lose a player like Noce. However, we do believe Chapu will be re-signed. We don’t believe he wouldn’t be traded right after that. If it happens we’ll miss him.

Noce is nicknamed Chapu, apparently
after a hyperactive Mexican cartoon
character. The below may or may not
be a representation of said character.

NBullsA is going on vacation. More might be up by the end of the day but after that check back on Monday for updates.

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